$GL is the proof of donation from JuiceBox, 100% of which will be given to the donor.


If the auction bid is successful, $People GL will be the fractional tokens of the photos taken at the Lunch with Buffett. There will be a total number of 1 billion tokens issued!

Token distribution:

$PEOPLE GL Details

For $PEOPLE holders: 10% $PEOPLE GL
Addresses with more than or equal to 2,874 $PEOPLE will enter into the Discord channel "$PEOPLE HOLDERS"

For $CULT holders: 10% $PEOPLE GL
Addresses with more than or equal to 23,200,000 $CULT will enter into the Discord channel "$CULT HOLDERS"

2.Snapshot time:
Snapshot will happen when channels hit a certain number of holders:
4000 holders in the "$PEOPLE HOLDERS" channel
1500 holders in the "$CULT HOLDERS" channel

3.Drop time:
Once the lunch with Buffett finishes, there will be giveaways of the fragmented NFT tokens from the event.


1.Where will the donated ETH be kept?
All donated funds will be stored on Juicebox, there’s no better alternative! The important reason is that this ensures donors a "100% refund guarantee" (limited to the first round of fundraising).

2.Are there risks to the donated funds?
Unfortunately nothing in the world is risk-free, but we think there is no safer place to store funds than on Juicebox, which Constitution Dao has used in the past without any issues. Of course, you should make your own risk assessment as the decision is ultimately yours!

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”- - Warren Buffett

3.How can donors get a 100% refund?
A: Anytime throughout the duration of the second round of fundraising on JuiceBox, anyone can get a 100% refund.

4.Does the Good Lunch DAO team make a profit out of this?
The team does not reserve any $GL or $People GL, it's not in line with our values, we honestly just want to do something fun! If Good Lunch DAO wins the bid for “Power Lunch with Buffett”, it will prove the power of the community, further strengthening our faith in DAO. If there’s any benefit to be had, it would be the great social prestige that will come to Good Lunch DAO if we win.

During the early stages, the team will also make donations to the fund! This will be our only source of income.

5. What happens if Good Lunch DAO loses the auction?
There is a small chance this might happen, but we certainly hope it won’t! If the bid does fail, then all donors (regardless of first-round or second-round) will be able to claim back 100% of their ETH.